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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Voting is the greatest act of a civil society

This is an email sent to me by

One of the greatest freedoms we enjoy as Canadians is the freedom to express our political choice by voting for a person or a party that we hope will represent our views in our federal Parliament.

Over the last month, we’ve done our best to help you learn about the environmental policies of the five major political parties with We’ve also given you our own point of view of the party platforms at We know that not all of you agree with our position on this matter, and we respect that, but elections are about taking a stand on issues, and our position on Climate Change is clear.

I take voting very seriously. And while my choice on the ballot doesn’t always result in my political view being represented in Ottawa, I maintain my right to participate in civil society by casting my ballot.

Some people say that there is little difference between the policies of the five major parties. That the policies of the Liberals and Conservatives are so similar it makes little difference who we vote for. That the policies of the NDP and the Greens are so much alike, what does it matter how I cast my ballot?

My many American friends remind me that the same was said in 2000: what’s the difference between Al Gore and George W. Bush? Time reveals differences, some of them stark and some of them subtle. But there is a difference, and our obligation as Canadians is to make a choice that best reflects our values, and stand behind that choice with our ballot.

So go out and vote. It’s the simplest act of participating in civil society that you can take, and it might very well be the most important.

Stephen Legault
Executive Director


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