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Monday, July 05, 2004

Earthship Huts - Recycled Modular Buildings

No matter what anyone tells you, there are ALWAYS better alternatives to the mainstream.....

Jonah Reynolds explains how to build sound buildings with healthy energy and water systems mostly using by-products of our global society, such as tires, cans, glass and plastic bottles, paper and cardboard.

An explanation of one of the Earthships available: The most economical & versatile Earthship in terms of construction and building. Pre-designed drawings and partially prefabricated construction packages available. The "Off-the-rack" aspect makes this a very "user friendly" approach for the owner/builder. This unit can be the easiest first step into the Earthship method of living. Sizes begin at a 607 square foot "Nest" studio and go up to a 3 bed, 2 bath Earthship and larger.

* It can be delivered as a kit anywhere on the planet
* It can be adapted to any climate
* It comes in any size
* It comes as a split level for stepping up a hill
* North/south dimensions cannot change but east/west can be as long as you like
* It comes with an open end to the east or the west
* It comes with a garage entering in to the east or west
* Construction drawings aimed at the owner/builder and suitable for obtaining a building permit start at $2,500

Comfortable inside, with no fossil fuels - in any Climate
One of the most recently built Packaged Earthships reports a maximum low temperature of 64 degrees (for a brief time) early in the morning before sunrise after two cloudy days and a minus seventeen degree winter night. This is with no back up heating system what-so-ever. Newer models will expect 68 degrees to be the maximum low in similar conditions. This design has been built in hot wet climates and cold wet climates and has the potential of being slightly “tuned” to deal with a variety of extremes while not changing the basic building.

* Construction Material - Typically built with earth-rammed tires, but designs are also available for straw bale, concrete, or adobe at extra cost.
* Thermal Wrap - Rigid insulation around the building to isolate 6' x 6' block of mass from outer earth to stablize comfort of interior space.
* Electrical - Solar electricity with capabilities of wind, gas generator or conventional utility back up / grid-intertie.
* Water Heating - Gas on demand hot water with capability of solar hot water addition.
* Water Supply - Roof catchment water system into water storage cistern with capability of well or community water back up.
* Waste Water Treatment - Contained grey water and black water treatment and distribution system with capability of conventional septic or community sewage connection.
* Heating / Cooling / Ventilation - Solar, thermal heating and cooling with option of gas or fireplace back up.
* Appliances - Gas cooking, gas or solar electric refrigerators.

For lots more info and great pictures of funky and stylish interior go to

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