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Friday, November 26, 2004

Our Furry Friends

If any of you want to help to educate people in your town/neighbourhood, please contact me and I can send you info/resources. It's really simple, we just need to speak up and not allow it to be accepted. Please write a letter or even bring it up at the dinner table, anything you can do will make a big difference for those with no voice. Thank you for your help.

Blessings, Amandha

To send an email to the "Dirty Dozen" go to:

Also :

At the facts sheet link (see below) there is a good one about how to write a proper letter to the editor.

The Truth About Fur ...

We understand that you probably care about the treatment of animals. However, each year more than 40 million animals are killed in the name of "fashion" for fur coats and trim. These animals are either raised on crowded, filthy fur farms where cruelty is the norm, or trapped in the wild using inhumane and indiscriminate devices such as steel-jaw leghold traps and strangulation neck snares. Every one of these animals died a violent death through anal electrocution, gassing, neck breaking, drowning, clubbing and/or strangulation. Like you and I, animals feel pain. Just by wearing fur, you promote cruelty. Please. Choose compassion. Don’t wear fur.


Why fur is cruel

Fur comes from animals who are either trapped in the wild or raised in cages in fur factories -- often referred to as "fur farms" or "ranches." Altogether, roughly 40 million animals are killed for the fur trade each year. Millions of additional animals, including dogs, cats, and endangered species, are caught accidentally in traps each year. Both trapping and ranching cause animals to suffer extreme cruelty.

Why choose to go fur-free

Every time we buy or wear clothing without fur or fur trim, we reduce the amount of animal suffering in the world. Furbearers such as bobcats, foxes, mink, beavers, coyotes, and chinchillas are individual animals who, like our companion dogs and cats, can suffer from pain, fear, frustration, and neglect. Suffering is the main ingredient in any fur trim or fur coat. And with the many warm and elegant alternatives to fur widely available, fur is simply unnecessary.

Why trapping is cruel

Millions of wild animals are trapped each year for their fur using steel-jaw leghold traps, body crushing Conibear traps, and strangling snares. The steel-jaw leghold trap is the most commonly used trap in the United States despite being considered "inhumane" by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the World Veterinary Association, and the American Animal Hospital Association.

The United States is one of the leading trapping countries in the world, even though 89 other nations and eight states have banned leghold traps. Many trappers here consider it a recreational hobby, as the sale of animal pelts to the fur trade rarely brings much profit.

Terrified and often injured animals caught in these traps try to escape by lunging away and biting at the trap and their own limbs for up to several days before the trapper is required to return and kill the animal. Standard industry killing methods include beating or shooting the exhausted animal in the head. Of course, traps cannot discriminate between their victims, and often the animals who are maimed and killed include endangered species and family cats and dogs.

A great little clip» Watch the "Trimming the Fur" TV ad [Quicktime]

Get it at :

Other sites:

Exposing Neiman Marcus:

Great fact sheets:

For a great film about this evil industry check out:

"The Witness" at

You cannot see anything that you do not first contemplate as a reality.
- Ramtha


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