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Monday, December 05, 2005

IAHF Webmaster: Breaking News, Whats New, What to Do, Codex Emergency, SPP, FTAA

IAHF List: Below my comments please read the email I just sent to Alex Schauss, and Jim Turner in direct opposition to their blatant spin on the Codex vitamin issue in which they are attempting to deny the reality of globalization and that fact that it threatens the ongoing existence of the USA, and all of our laws, including DSHEA.

Schauss was the first Executive Director of (so called) "Citizens for Health" while Turner is the Chairman of the CFH Board today. CFH & The "Natural Solutions Foundation" are dangerous controlled opposition groups that are actively doing spin against the message of IAHF and allied groups.

Both have generated outrageous articles that would have us believe the FDA's, and USTR's spin on Codex. Their articles would have us believe that CAFTA, and the FTAA pose "no threat" to force harmonization to Codex, (even though the FACTS prove otherwise.)

What I've done in my message to them (below), is I've queried them regarding the SPP, the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, which via The North American Security Act (S.853, HR 2762) would eliminate our borders with Canada and Mexico to form The North American Union.

Schauss, Turner, and Rima Laibow of the (so called) Natural Solutions Foundation are actively attempting to DISTRACT vitamin consumers from dovetailing with the anti globalization movement. Just as they tried previously to pour cold water on CAFTA as an issue pertaining to vitamin consumers, I predict they'll try AGAIN to pour cold water on our mssg about SPP (and the North American Security Act).

Turner and Laibow would have us believe that if we would all just sign their petition to "rein in" the FDA that "as if by MAGIC" the FDA will suddenly do an ABOUT FACE at Codex, they'll suddenly EMBRACE DSHEA and will suddenly become our ALLIES by lobbying RELENTLESSLY for Codex to take their FINALIZED FRAMEWORK on vitamins and minerals (which they've just taken 10 years to create) and they'll SCRAP it in order to harmonize the WORLD to DSHEA.

Whats really AMAZING to me is that some gullible people actually FALL for their nonsense, but unfortunately a lot of people have been, and in the process of falling for this, they have NOT been doing the things we MUST do to defend our sovereignty.

WHAT YOU CAN DO TO KILL THE (So Called) "N.American Security Act" S.853, HR 2762:
Go here and click to send the form letter to congress, and tell more people:
See form letter:

Unless we kill the "N.American Security Act" there will be massive pressure to harmonize our dietary supplement laws in the direction of both Canada and Mexico's very restrictive laws, and this would be a prelude to harmonization to the laws of such restrictive South American countries as Brazil and Chile. This harmonization pressure is coming from Codex. We can't stop Codex directly at Codex because we have zero influence within that process. We can only stop it indirectly by taking steps to defend our sovereignty, and its the same with all countries on this issue.


Help Needed to Educate people on this issue BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. If we don't kill S.853, HR 2762 it will be VERY hard to kill FTAA. I need you to organize meetings in your area to hold showings of "We Become Silent" Kevin Miller's hard hitting documentary film on CODEX.

You can get this film, an hour long audiotape of a talk I did on this issue last August, and the special issue of The Health Crusader Magazine by sending $30. to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd, Point Roberts WA 98281. If you want me to speak before your group, we can discuss that, but these materials will help you to organize your own talk. IAHF needs urgent donations to assist with travel for public speaking on this issue.

See my letter to Schauss/Turner (and indirectly, to Laibow) Please Forward This Widely.

Alexander Schauss, PhD, Director
American Institute for Biosocial and Medical Research, Inc

James Turner, JD
Swankin and Turner

Please read the full posting at:


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