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Friday, May 12, 2006

Great On-Line Book

The Vitamin Foundation
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The Healing Factor
Vitamin C Against Disease

By Irwin Stone

An exerpt from Chapter 22

"A criticism that has been leveled against supplying to humans the daily amounts of ascorbic acid which are normally produced in other mammals is that its acidifying effect on the urine might increase the incidence of stone formation. The formation of stones in the urinary tract is a very complex subject and intensive and large-scale research should be conducted to resolve this important question.

Abundant archaeological evidence indicates that the stone formation is among the oldest afflictions of man. It is common today in all parts of the world and in some areas of the world the incidence is so high that they are known as "stone belts." In the 1964 pater, containing a bibliography of 104 references, Gershoff (3) states, "Urinary calculi vary so much in form, occurrence, and composition that it is unlikely that a single mechanism is responsible for their production." The composition depends on whether it is a kidney stone or a bladder stone and in what part of the world the individual lives."
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