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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Understanding Health Freedom Truth vs. Spin: Please Educate Yourself

Hi All,

As an ND student I feel it is very important to get this word out. If you can spread this message far and wide it would really help us know when to fight battles and who to support in the Health Freedom movement.

PLEASE NOTE that Natural Solutions Foundation is a fraud and a plant to instill fears into people and steer us into the wrong direction when it comes to Health Freedom and Codex. THEIR INFORMATION IS INCORRECT! Please relay this information back to the people who sent you any false petitions regarding the FDA, etc. and ask them to please forward this to whomever sent it to them! It is IMPORTANT that we end the disinformation.


It is IMPERATIVE that we not support those who are trying to make us fight useless battles, steering us away from purposeful petitions, and wasting our time until the real laws pass under our noses. Anything with Rima Laibow's name on it is a FAKE (or she stole the writing that seems real from other parties to make her organization SEEM to make sense) and the truth about this phony organization needs to be SPREAD!

Some of the real people supporting true health freedom are listed below. I have met them all and worked with them in my efforts to bring light to the Naturopathic Community and they are true-blue heros (in my opinion).

~Dr. Robert Verkerk Executive and Scientific Director for the Allience for Natural Health in the UK

~John Hammell of IAHF
and here for important news about Codex etc

Scott Tips (the ONLY true legal defense who is attending Codex meetings and speaking out!)

Dr. Carolyn Dean, a good friend of mine.

Trueman Tuck

These are the people who need our support!

PLEASE MAKE SURE to educate yourself and do FULL research before sending out any information on the internet to masses of people. The extra time you take will save SO much time and effort and get us working better together. For we ALL want to support natural health here, let's do it from a place where it is really educated and pulled together.

THANK YOU and with LOVE!
Amandha Vollmer BSc. 4th year Naturopathic Student, CCNM

"Keep designing and sculpting a world that you believe in, a world that is full of love, a world that is full of medical miracles, a world where all people tell the truth even if it is not comfortable. A world that is filled with possibilities and probabilities that goes beyond your imagination. That world begins with your thoughts and your belief. When you believe there is a cure for cancer, there is. When you believe there is world peace, there is. It does not matter if you see it broadcast on your televisions."


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