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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

KFC Lawsuit

CSPI sues KFC regarding trans fats:
BanTransFats supports CSPI's initiative 100%

On June 13, 2006, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) sued Kentucy Fried Chicken (KFC). Click here for the CSPI news release. CSPI wants KFC to notify customers that it is using lethal partially hydrogenated oil for frying. BanTransFats supports the lawsuit wholeheartedly.

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"Grilled, baked, or roasted chicken is a healthy food-and even fried chicken can be trans-fat-free," said CSPI executive director Michael F. Jacobson. "But coated in breading and fried in partially hydrogenated oil, this otherwise healthy food becomes something that can quite literally take years off your life. KFC knows this, yet it recklessly puts its customers at risk of a Kentucky Fried Coronary."

Meals at KFC can be startlingly high in trans fat. Besides chicken, KFC's biscuits, potato wedges, pot pie, and several desserts all contain hefty amounts of trans fat from partially hydrogenated oil. Just one Extra Crispy breast has 4.5 grams of trans fat. A large order of Popcorn Chicken has 7 grams of trans fat, and KFC's Pot Pie contains 14 grams of trans. A typical 3-piece Extra Crispy combo meal, with a drumstick, two thighs, potato wedges, and a biscuit has a staggering 15 grams of trans fat-more trans fat than an individual should consume in a week.


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