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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Letter to Michael Moore

Hi Michael,

I support and appreciate your work, sorry about you being American and all, that's gotta be a bummer.

Anyway, here in Canada I am studying to be a Naturopathic Doctor and starting to build my healing retreat clinic which will be totally off-grid and completely sustainable. Natural medicine is able to heal major diseases with herbs, vibrational medicine (such as homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, etc) and hydrotherapy (using water in varying temperatures) and many other natural therapies that have been time tested. The bigger lie is to believe that we need industrialized medicine at all. We don't. In fact this medicine is merely suppressive and shows how backward and lost our true understanding of health is and our grasp of the human body and its multiple layers. It shocks me when we have this ancient medical knowledge which is wise and true and effective and sustainable, yet people turn to this dangerous, experimental, violent, traumatic, wasteful and barbaric 100 or so year old form of treatment that mainly doesn't work! Further, I am amazed how stubborn people have been to accept the understanding that we are vibrational beings and we have an energy system which is WELL documented and studied which includes chakras and auric levels...our subtler bodies! This has been known for thousands of years!!! To smother the symptoms of a disease with drugs is NOT health, it akin to taping over the low-oil light that turns on at the dashboard and driving on as if nothing is the matter. We don't want to allow people freer, cheaper access to drugs, we want them OFF drugs and onto a true path of healing, such as natural medicine allows. The issue is a combination of power and control over us, exhaustion and laziness from being brainwashed and made busy trying to survive by suppressive governments and the central banking families that really run the show, leading further to ignorance and a disconnection and separation from an understand of our true interconnectedness and oneness.

The American people often impress me with their passion and ways of pulling together in crisis, however there is so much brainwashing and poisoning and fear feeding the notion of separation that even with such a depth as you discuss in your film "Sicko" this only skims the surface of it. WHEN is someone going to stand up and talk about this? Michael Moore! I challenge you to make a film about REAL medicine...the future of medicine. The way we will REALLY heal the world and solve problems and find the peace we seek. If you want help, I will help you, I will find others to help you, it's time people knew about their choices!!! They do have them once they get a chance to lift their heads from the dark clouds of lies and illusion and realize that not only has science moved far forward, but the game of party politics is over, the game is fixed, it's rigged, and our collective awareness is the only ONE who can end it. Please Michael Moore, use your fame and voice to really lay it on the line. We need you! There are ways to make sure you are protected so you are not "offed" & they can be easily taught. And maybe that weight loss you want? We can help you with that too...

With honestly, integrity and Truth eyes,
Amandha Dawn Vollmer BSc., ND intern
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Blogger health watch center said...

Hello Amandha,

You are absolutely right Reiki is a unique alternative healing technique in a way that it combines the elements of every other alternative healing practice such as aromatherapy, auras, chakra balancing, crystal healing, homeopathy, meditation, naturopathy, and spiritual healing.

Alternative Medicine Zone (Reiki)

2:00 AM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Michael Moore is a Fraud...

12:47 AM  
Blogger Nicola said...

At least Michael Moore had the guts to make the film in the first place.

And Sicko certainly pulls no punches re the disgraceful state of the inhumane health services in the US!


5:53 AM  

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