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Friday, May 29, 2009


Great Central Sun Naturopathic Healing Arts is inviting all members of the public and media to the LIVE H2O weekend water healing event at their center in King Township, and at the Ashbridges Bay, Toronto Beaches.

Join with master musicians, vocalists, science experts and millions around the world in a historic summer solstice celebration from Fri. June 19 - Sun. June 21 to honour the living water and pray for world peace, health, ecological responsibility, and spiritual integrity.

When: Friday, June 19, 7-11pm at Great Central Sun Naturopathic Healing Arts

Saturday, June 20, 11am-11pm at Great Central Sun Naturopathic Healing Arts

Sunday June 21, 1-10pm at Ashbridges Bay, Toronto Beaches

Where: Friday & Saturday at Great Central Sun Naturopathic Healing Arts

225 King Summit Road, King City, ON, L7B 1A3 (just north of King Rd & Jane St)

Sunday at Ashbridges Bay, Toronto Beaches

Schedule of events:


7-8pm Opening Celebration

8-11pm Musical Performances on our rooftop stage


11am-1pm David Francis talk: Energy Worlds -Relationships Between H2O & Energy-

1-6pm Musical Performances on our rooftop stage - PLUS Oil & Water Chakra Sharing, Art Co-Creations, Atlantean Healing, Yoga, Labyrinth, Swim

2-4pm Live H2O Mandala Making

4-6pm Floating Drum Circle, Pool Play

6-8pm David Francis talk: Holy Water -How Energies are Held by Water-

Bree Leggett talk: Dr. Emoto -Liquid Love, the Intentional Messenger-

8-11pm Musical Performances continue - PLUS Collective Conscious Celebration, Fire Fun


1-6pm Beach Playshops: Dance & sand sculpt, Yoga, Meditation, Water Within

6pm Drum Fun, Ceremonial Drumming

8pm Invitation, prelude to live h2o global prayerful love chant

9pm Collectively, Locally & Globally Healing the Water in the World

Prayerful chant ‘ah’ in 528 frequency, global love water experiment


An unprecedented global “Concert for the Living Water” to give thanks and express LOVE for H2O has been scheduled by a coalition of humanitarian and spiritual organizations for June 19-21st. The 3-day event features experts, artisans, and recording artists honouring water for its sustaining, supporting, healing and purifying presence.

Celebrities, authors, film-makers, recording artists, spiritual teachers, religious leaders, and regular people from all cultures will grace nine main stages internationally at venues adjacent to important bodies of water. Toronto is one of the international venues and will be linked via the internet with a worldwide participating audience. Friday and Saturday’s events are hosted at Great Central Sun Naturopathic Healing Arts in King Township; Sunday’s events are at the Ashbridges Bay, Toronto Beaches. (For detailed events schedules please visit

LIVE H2O is planned to test the omni-spiritual power of human hearts focused on LOVE and thanks for everything water provides. This is testing the power of human hearts to co-create a better world by marrying the “universal solvent” and the “universal language” – music, to activate the “universal healer” – LOVE. Lasting peace, world health, and widespread prosperity are intended outcomes.

Featured speakers and performers are more than idealists – many are leading scientists, philosophers, and experts in solving humanity’s greatest problems using water. Examples include pollution-free hydrogen-fueled engines that operate hydroelectrically; hydrosonically-treated trace mineral waters featuring oxy-silver molecules proven to restore health and eliminating infectious diseases in people worldwide; and new methods of harvesting water from air to hydrate the world’s parched populations and plantations.

“Water reflects more than light,” says Japanese water scholar, Dr. Masaru Emoto, co-creator of the Global LIVE H2O festival and author of the New York Times best-seller, The Hidden Messages in Water. Dr. Emoto published evidence linking music and language to water’s dynamic capacity to alter its molecular structure in response to sonic energy including prayer.

Great Central Sun Naturopathic Healing Arts

Our pristine woodland facility offers access to Naturopathic Doctors, Yoga Classes, Thai Yoga Massage, spiritual counseling, water healing, energy healing, and an indoor fresh-water pool.

Amandha Vollmer, ND, Danielle Seville, Counselor; and Bree Leggett, Water Healer are the core team at GCS. Rosita Stone is musical director for the festival, and Darinka Blagaj coordinates Sunday’s Ashbridges events in conjunction with her annual Aleila Festival.

For more information, contact Danielle Seville, Marketing & Press Relations 905-833-3440 or

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