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Friday, September 11, 2009


HI Friends and Relatives

Even though Bill C-6 has taken supplements out of the picture, there are serious flaws with this Bill. It is currently before the Senate and 2nd reading takes place this Monday Sept. 15. Below is a list of the senators which you can copy and paste into the To line or the BCC line.

Please take the time to forward this to the Senate and any of your friends.


Deb Aaron

From Helke Ferrie


1. “For the first time in Canadian history”, lawyer Shawn Buckley explains, “Bill C-6 not only abolishes the law of trespass, but also allows warrants to be issued to search private homes without evidence of criminal wrongdoing … in violation of Section 8 of the Charter.” What ?!

2. Under Bill C-6 (various sections) , “guilt (of anybody considered to violate this act, if the Minister thinks this is so) is determined by the Minister”, not by the courts! (As was the case for the past thousand yearssince England’s Magna Carta). Since when has any minister greater powers than the courts of the country? Since when is any government official, elected or otherwise, above the law?

3. Bill C-6 , in its preamble on page 1 and again in Section 2 (e) and (f), defines our government as including “a government of a foreign state or of a subdivision of a foreign state”, and “an international organization of states”. Canadians cannot question (or vote out) foreign governments. Canada has the right to enter into treaties – if our elected representatives agree to it, and we have the right to change or rescind such treaties by turfing out our government in the next election - but we did not give our government the right to change the very definition of what we own.

4. In Bill C-6, under Section 36 (2) (a) “any regulation made under this Act may be incorporated by [not by us the voters, but by]… a person or body (who the heck is this?) other than the Minister [i.e. a Canadian, elected MP], including by an organization established for the purpose of writing standards [ Codex? What organizations? Where?] … an industrial or trade organization [on whose boards we don’t sit, whose products we may not want, e.g. pesticide companies etc], or a government” [which one or ones?]. Forget the explanation/doublespeak – REMOVE this section immediately.

Whatever else Bill C-6 states and no matter how benevolent its intended protections – nothing warrants the removal of basic rights, the subversion of the Constitution, the usurpation of our courts, and the dis-empowering of Canadian citizens. C-6 CANNOT be amended – it must be withdrawn totally. Any other bill, containing those provisions, already passed or currently proposed, must also be withdrawn.

To find your MP google MPs + Canada, find your MP on the alphabetical list, put your postal code in the dialogue box, if you don’t know his or her name, to get it. You will be given the mailing and e-mail addresses, phone numbers etc. Go to my website: and download for free my book What Part of No! Don’t They Understand? Rescuing Food and Drugs from Government Abuse (Kos, 2008). It explains the provisions being questioned below as they were also part of the former bills C-51/52 which the current bill C-6 replaces. Also, read the legal analysis of C-6 on .
(Note: Helke's analysis is a better explanation than nhppa's.... rely on this one as it's a stronger message! ~dee);;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; mcgeed@sen.parl.gc;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


To the Canadian Senate
Dear Senators:
Re: Bill C-6 “The Canada Consumer Product Safety Act”
and Violations of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Upon the return of the Senate, its first order of business will be the second reading of the above-noted bill, and I am writing to tell you that according to the research of numerous authoritative sources, Bill C-6 is unconstitutional: its language violates the provisions of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as follows:

Authorization is given to

a. search private property without a warrant
b. seize private property without Court supervision
c. destroy private property without Court supervision
d. take control of businesses without Court supervision
e. in some circumstances to keep seized private property without a Court order
f. impose penalties without a Court order

These rights are enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as our right of due process under the law. According to the Book of Criminal Procedurethe Charter is “the supreme law of the nation”and any legislation which abrogates Charter rights and freedoms isab initio“of no force or effect”: in a word, Bill C-6 is unconstitutional, because it could not stand a Charter Challenge, due to the fact that it removes the rights of ordinary Canadians.

“For the first time in Canadian history,” lawyer Shawn Buckley explains, “Bill C-6 not only abolishes the law of trespass, but also allows warrants to be issued to search private homes without evidence of criminal wrongdoing, in violation of Section 8 of the Charter.”

In the guise of a “consumer protection” act, yet containing language arbitrarily removing our rights, C-6 purports not to affect Natural Health Products, nor to abrogate the rights of anyone other than those importing unsafe/illegal products for use by Canadians. However, as you must be aware, language from one piece of legislation may be moved by ministerial regulatory change to any other. This means that as egregious as Bill C-6 is, for its denial of due process of law and consequent violation of the Constitution Act and Charter of Rights and Freedoms, its provisions may also be moved to apply to other contingencies, including martial law and a suspension of Canadian rights, for whatever purpose, including forced vaccinations.
I note that in the state of Massachusetts, which is currently reviewing a Bill containing many of the same provisions, the Senator who introduced it is facing a call for impeachment proceedings on grounds of treason. (More info HERE) I would venture to say that that if an affront to the US Constitution is a treasonous offence, it is equally a treasonous offense to deny Canadians -- any Canadians, for any reason, at any time -- their right of due process of law.
I also wish to point out that since you are now informed as to the nature of Bill C-6and its inherent risk to the freedoms guaranteed us in the “Supreme Law of the Land”your support of it could, would, and should be viewed as a violation of your senatorial oath, and treason against the people of Canada.

Kindly govern yourselves accordingly: voting in support of Bill C-6 is not an option for any law-abiding governor.

Sincerely yours,

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Codex Assholementarius ~ FDA/UN/EU/NWO... REMEMBER HITLER? YOU WILL...

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