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Monday, November 12, 2007

Give Meaning (please vote before Nov 16th)

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I'm a student of naturopathic medicine and I, along with 20 student peers, am traveling to Goa, India for a course in homeopathy studying with the Rajan Sankaran group (among the premier homeopaths in the world.)

The "Goa Goers" are all students of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. As full time medical students at a private college, we're all pretty strapped for cash. The course itself costs $910.00, plus travel costs of approximately $2300.00 per person. This comes to a total of $3230.00 each... or a grand total of approximately $67,830.00. We're looking to raise funds sufficient to partially (or in full) offset the cost of the trip.

If you can please take a moment to visit the following website and vote for this trip, it will ensure we can properly fundraise to support our higher knowledge of this art of medicine, homeopathy.

Here is the official spread the word notice:

I just voted on a great idea to raise money for a charitable goal. If you like it too, please add your vote.

What you're "voting" on is whether you feel the proposed project is worthwhile. When you vote, you're NOT making a financial commitment of any kind; you're simply indicating that you think it's a good idea and should go ahead.

Voting takes less than a minute, and it's easy - so please VOTE NOW, by clicking here to review the project profile (and then just click on the Vote icon to cast your vote).

With enough votes, the Project's founder can work towards making the idea a reality.

The deadline for voting is coming soon: Nov 16th, so please take a moment of your time to vote in support!

Thank you kindly and with love,

Amandha Dawn


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