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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

al-Queda is a total CIA fabracation: Watch this Video about how they got their inspiration from Godzilla

View here

Top ranking CIA operatives admit that al-Qaeda is a complete and total fabrication by the CIA. They plainly state that NO SUCH ORGANIZATION HAS EVER EXISTED AT ANY TIME. The fantasy was spun in January 2001 by Jamal al Fadl, a Sudanese who had been with Bin Laden in the early 1990s.Watch this video, part 4 from the 3rd hour. Watch the whole 3 hour series here at this link.

The CIA got the idea for al-Qaeda from watching a Godzilla Movie in Afghanistan. (no I am not kidding!) The American Government told people of imaginary attacks on US infrastructure which was based on a Godzilla movie and then instigated some of the attacks to fit the script. The American Government is totally insane, not just George Bush. Tony Blair and the British Government went along with the Fantasy. Now Tony Blair has become Catholic so he can spend the rest of his life in confession?? After killing 1000000 people in Iraq based on a fantasy, I am afraid he will never leave the confessional.

Words can not describe my astonishment. UnF**king believable! No leader of any country in Europe or the United States can be taken seriously. They are not statesmen, they are paranoid schizophrenics suffering from delusions.

All persons running for public office should have a Psychiatric examination to see if they are insane.



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