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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Still Think "Organic" Doesn't Mean "GMO"? = Top 10 Health Risks

1. CANCER: Today doctors are taught 1 in 2 people will get cancer
with no history of how rare it was. People are fooled into supporting
breast and other cancer research leading to deadly mammography or
chemotherapy which leads to taking Tamoxifin and other deadly drugs.
None of this is necessary. In fact, it's dangerous. Cancer can be
cured with Vitamin C and other natural supplements. Find alternatives
and use common sense to see that healthcare-failure should not be seen
as "normal" policy.

2. CODEX ALIMENTARIUS: This is the UN plan to restrict vitamins and
supplements worldwide with Bill C-51 in Canada, previous measures in
Europe and new ones in the U.S. These are part of UN plans to control
the world's food supply. Much of the world knows this and is upset.
We are all affected by the current manufactured food shortages and
talk of rations. The next Codex meeting is from June 30 - July 4,
2008. Work with local groups to get informed and stop these plans

3. MANDATORY VACCINES: Insane government feducation camp lies tell
you to vaccinate your kids so the others in class are safe. But, if
the other kids in class get vaccines and they work, then they should
be fine even if your kid is contagious... right? Think about it
twice. Every day stories of bills being passed, kids being seized and
parents fighting back litter the news. Learn the truth about
vaccines: they don't work and have never worked to do anything but
poison us (e.g. autism) on purpose.

4. GMO FOODS: While Congress and Parliaments' cafeterias don't serve
GMO foods, the elite and royals don't eat them and they're building a
giant "Doomsday Seed Vault" in Svalbard, Norway to hold the last
natural seeds on earth, we're supposed to accept that it's illegal to
label foods as GMO in the U.S. and Canada despite the fact they do in
Europe. People overeat because the food has been radiated and
stripped of nutrients. GMO food kills animals who eat it. Help stop
this nightmare.

5. FLUORIDE: Sure it might clean your teeth, but so might Ajax and
other toxic toilet-bowl cleaners: either way you don't want to put it
in your mouth. Heck, even the dentist says don't swallow it when you
go for a cleaning, plus tubes of toothpaste say if you do call a
doctor. The history of this aluminum byproduct and rat/roach poison
and it's effects on I.Q. and health is well-known, as well as the fact
it's not used in most of the world where they're healthier for it.
Get it out of your water-supply now.

6. ASPARTAME SWEETENER: Shortly before Donald Rumsfeld sold Saddam
Hussein chemical weapons, he sold America aspartame in over 5000
products despite the fact his company's scientists said it wasn't
safe. Now sweeteners are used nearly everywhere and by nearly
everyone, which helps explain why 1 in 2 people are getting cancer.
While sugar is bad too and often bleached, at least it doesn't turn
into formaldehyde in your brain, which is a bad thing. Don't use

7. LEGAL DRUGS: Ads everywhere remind you that you are sick and need
to take drugs. New ailments are invented so Big Pharmacide can make
record profits. People are sicker than ever. Do you see the
connection? The history of the pharmaceutical industry is riddled
with corruption. Cheeleaders are hired to seduce doctors into
endorsing toxic drugs. School-shooters and other crazies are almost
always on anti-depressants. Avoid taking any medication unless you
absolutely have to.

8. AIDS: Tests differ and never test for HIV, only for weak-immune
systems or other illnesses. That's because the HIV virus doesn't
exist and has never been scientifically purified or isolated. Go to and win $50,000 if you can find it. It's nearly
disappeared in America since the late 80's despite being a "pandemic".
Few today know anybody with AIDS. They stopped using condoms in
porn. Billions in aid for toxic drugs like AZT just kill Africans.
There's lots more. It's shocking but true.

9. EUGENICS: While Hitler gave it a bad name, few know he got his
racist ideas from America. Numerous programs and magazines in the
early 1900's stressed racial purity, including the forced sterlization
of millions of undesirables in America and other countries. These
continue today under different names. The elite are obsessed with
perfecting humanity and hate us "useless eaters". The medical
community is celebrated in movies and on TV so we trust them even if
they kill us. Look into it.

10. DE-POPULATION: People like Prince Philip, Ted Turner, Bill
Gates, David Rockefeller and others have called for 80% or of the
world's population to be killed to save the earth. They're
brainwashing us into believing them. New age ideas, fake
environmentalism, planned parenthood and more are part of it. The
elite gave us knowledge to build them new pyramids. Now they're
finished with us. They have robots. Plato's "Republic" spelled this
out in 360 B.C. We're living (or dying) it now. Help stop it.



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Hey Folks,

All it takes to re-focus is closing your eyes and enjoying 30 seconds
of silence and deep-breathing. Then with a clear mind evaluate your
options. Then act on them.

Learn what's happening. Integrate positive actions into every aspect
of your life. Go beyond self-indulgence as the ultimate
accomplishment. Go for more for more people. Go for more to keep
what you have.

There is nothing wrong with you that can't be fixed by learning what's
right. Or, by doing what's right. We have access to thousands of
years history and knowledge. We have the answers today to make the
world we want tomorrow.

Re-discover how to be an individual. Celebrate your uniqueness
instead of hiding it. Be proud of having your own thoughts. Be happy
for others who can think as well. Be confident in changing your mind.
There are things we have to learn. There are things we have to do.

Do them.

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