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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is Everyone Creative?

By Amandha Dawn Vollmer, Holistic Health Consultant & Spiritual Mentor

Creativity is innate within each and every individual. It is a product of the connectivity between the heart-mind of that individual and the Creator One Mind, that all have access to by birthright. It has been understood by wise sages and true seekers alike since time began, that we are all interconnected and supported by Love.

More recently quantum physics has been able to explain that everything is energy, everything is vibration and is in constant movement and expansion. If we tap into that infinite creative flow that is not our brain 'thinking' but the heart-mind connecting, creativity is limitless for any and every human on this planet. Everyone has this ability.

It is the ego that is limited in it's creative endeavours. The ego wants to control, stifle and manipulate. The ego forgets it's infinite power. Certainly we are free to learn methods and teachings from other free creators about ways to open up this flow, so of course there are aspects that can be taught. However, free flowing, unique creativity begins when we let go of the ego illusions and play, child-like in the sandbox of the Divine Source that we are.

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