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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cell Phone and EMF Hazards

The Blood-Brain Barrier

The second effect that I want to focus on, which has been proven in the laboratory, should by itself have been enough to shut down this industry and should be enough to scare away anyone from ever using a cell phone again. I call it the “smoking gun” of cell phone experiments. Like most biological effects of microwave radiation, this has nothing to do with heating.

The brain is protected by tight junctions between adjacent cells of capillary walls, the so-called blood-brain barrier, which, like a border patrol, lets nutrients pass through from the blood to the brain, but keeps toxic substances out.

Since 1988, researchers in the laboratory of a Swedish neurosurgeon,
Leif Salford, have been running variations on this simple experiment: they expose young laboratory rats to either a cell phone or other source of microwave radiation, and later they sacrifice the animals and look for albumin in their brain tissue.

Albumin is a protein that is a normal component of blood but that does not normally cross the blood-brain barrier. The presence of albumin in brain tissue is always a sign that blood vessels have been damaged and that the brain has lost some of its protection.

Here is what these researchers have found, consistently for 18 years: Microwave radiation, at doses equal to a cell phone’s emissions, causes albumin to be found in brain tissue.
A one-time exposure to an ordinary cell phone for just two minutes causes albumin to leak into the brain.

In one set of experiments, reducing the exposure level by a factor of 1,000 actually increased the damage to the blood-brain barrier, showing that this is not a dose-response effect and that reducing the power will not make wireless technology safer.

And finally, in research published in June 2003, a single two-hour exposure to a cell phone, just once during its lifetime, permanently damaged the blood-brain barrier and, on autopsy 50 days later, was found to have damaged or destroyed up to 2 percent of an animal’s brain cells, including cells in areas of the brain concerned with learning, memory and movement.

Reducing the exposure level by a factor of 10 or 100, thereby duplicating the effect of wearing a headset, moving a cell phone further from your body, or standing next to somebody else’s phone, did not appreciably change the results! Even at the lowest exposure, half the animals had a moderate to high number of damaged neurons.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

KFC Lawsuit

CSPI sues KFC regarding trans fats:
BanTransFats supports CSPI's initiative 100%

On June 13, 2006, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) sued Kentucy Fried Chicken (KFC). Click here for the CSPI news release. CSPI wants KFC to notify customers that it is using lethal partially hydrogenated oil for frying. BanTransFats supports the lawsuit wholeheartedly.

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"Grilled, baked, or roasted chicken is a healthy food-and even fried chicken can be trans-fat-free," said CSPI executive director Michael F. Jacobson. "But coated in breading and fried in partially hydrogenated oil, this otherwise healthy food becomes something that can quite literally take years off your life. KFC knows this, yet it recklessly puts its customers at risk of a Kentucky Fried Coronary."

Meals at KFC can be startlingly high in trans fat. Besides chicken, KFC's biscuits, potato wedges, pot pie, and several desserts all contain hefty amounts of trans fat from partially hydrogenated oil. Just one Extra Crispy breast has 4.5 grams of trans fat. A large order of Popcorn Chicken has 7 grams of trans fat, and KFC's Pot Pie contains 14 grams of trans. A typical 3-piece Extra Crispy combo meal, with a drumstick, two thighs, potato wedges, and a biscuit has a staggering 15 grams of trans fat-more trans fat than an individual should consume in a week.


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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Children polluted with chemicals: report

Flame retardants, mercury and lead were just some of the toxic chemicals found in the bodies of children and their parents in a cross-Canada study of pollution in people.

The report by Environmental Defence, entitled Polluted Children, Toxic Nation: A Report on Pollution in Canadian Families, tested the blood and urine of 13 people from communities across Canada.

Seven children and six adults from British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick were checked for 68 different toxins.

The lab tests found a total of 46 of the 68 chemicals in the volunteers, including toxins that can cause cancer, reproductive disorders, disrupt the hormone system and cause developmental delays.

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BODY BURDEN: The Pollution In People

This website reports results from the most comprehensive studies ever conducted on multiple chemical contaminants in humans. Since 2000 the Environmental Working Group has spearheaded six studies finding 455 industrial pollutants, pesticides and other chemicals in blood, urine, and breast milk in 72 people altogether, from newborns and grandparents to mothers and teens. We've found that pollution of the human body begins before birth, in complex combinations of chemicals never tested for safety.