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Monday, July 30, 2007

Cholesterol Lowering Statin Drugs: Morbidity & Mortality

By Amandha Vollmer, BSc., ND intern

We are now in a position to witness the unfolding of the greatest medical tragedy of all time - never before in history has the medical establishment knowingly created a life threatening nutrient deficiency in millions of otherwise healthy people.” - Peter H. Langsjoen, MD

(relating to statin drug use and CoQ10 reduction from said drug)

I am seeing clients now that are on various drug therapies and I have been concerned with the sheer amount of statins that people are taking, some on very high doses. At this point, I still fail to understand how correlated the dangers of high cholesterol and mortality from cardiac disease are? Is this theory sound? Are we seeing less cardiovascular accidents or death in general when people have their cholesterol controlled with statins (hydroxymethylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase inhibitors)? My question is “are the studies showing decreased morbidity and mortality rates with patients on statin drug therapy (for dyslipidemia in the prevention of cardiovascular accidents)?

The searching MeSH terms were: statins, side-effects, morbitity, mortality, all-cause mortality& dyslipidemia. The Lancet and JAMA were helpful and I found MANY articles. There were too many articles coming up for diabetic treatment, which I didn’t want so many of, so I used these words together: dyslipidemia morbidity statin and found the best amount of studies in all varieties. Alt Health Watch and Medline were used as well as a few other smaller journals using the LRC database.

Even though I wasn’t interested in many studies involving diabetics, one caught my eye (1). It was a European case controlled study, well executed and substantial enough in numbers that showed an increased risk for polyneuropathy when diabetics are using statins. Another study (2) postulated that statins ‘may affect adversely the muscle's ability to appropriately respond to physical exertion’ a nasty side effect which worsens during physical activity. It appears that muscle complaints are among the morbidity seen in patients taking statins.

A prospective observational study in the UK (3) investigated erectile dysfunction (ED) in males on statin drug therapy and deduced it was higher because of ‘severe endothelial dysfunction’ due to cardiovascular risk factors such as age, smoking and diabetes. This is interesting because the therapy is meant to reduce arterial blockage and so produce better blood flow: should therefore reduce ED, not increase it. So why should patients with atherosclerosis of the penile vasculature become worse off when taking statins? The study seemed to have a challenging time finding out. It didn’t seem to be able to come to a concrete answer in the results, however they ended up saying that it must be diet and lifestyle choices, it couldn’t be the statin! I found this study to be incredibly biased. The researchers assumed since there were some studies done that found measurements in brachial and coronary arteries to improve on some of the drugs, that statins obviously work the way we always thought they did and so it must be something else causing the ED. This was a study showing obvious statin assumption.

I found many valuable studies showing that, in women and elderly persons, there are no or limited total mortality benefits. One JAMA meta-analysis (4) took 13 studies from1966 through December 2003 and found that lipid lowering does not affect total or CHD mortality or total mortality in women and may reduce CHD events only slightly (inconclusive in it’s evidence, however). And in the PROSPER study (5), it was found that elderly patients on 40 mg pravastatin had a decline in blood velocity and wall sheering stress than placebo, however there was no change in mortality. I love how they title this piece of research: “Pravastatin Decreases Wall Shear Stress and Blood Velocity in the Internal Carotid Artery Without Affecting Flow Volume: Results From the PROSPER MRI Study.” Sounds great, doesn’t it? Too bad this decline doesn’t prevent the people from dying! Talk about missing the forest for the trees. Being that the American Heart Association is a front for Big Pharma (like most disease associations) I am not shocked to see studies presented in such a misleading manner like this one.

So far it seems that the studies are not showing decreased rates of morbidity and mortality rates with patients on statin drug therapy. Now I am curious or how high the rates do go.

Upon examining this 28-year study below, known as the Helsinki Businessmen Study (6)(7) it can be seen that the “intervention” group in the chart below was given cholesterol-lowering drugs and diets, the control group no such intervention. This study proved that the use of cholesterol-lowering drugs and diets is risky!

Helsinki Businessmen Study II Strandberg 1995 Br. Heart J.

Low risk patients

High-risk patients

Control group-
no treatment

Intervention- cholesterol reduction

Total cholesterol mg/deciliter




Mortality rate per 1000




This is a well done study, with solid methodology. It was trying to find out how dangerous it is to lower body cholesterol and what are the outcomes over a long term basis on quality of life, specifically in the elderly. So it seems that not only do statins have very little effectiveness on preventing death and disease while giving many side effects, but lowering cholesterol increases mortality too?

It is interesting to note that even Dr. John Abramson, of Harvard Medical School, in his Lancet article titled "Are Lipid-Lowering Guidelines Evidence-Based?" (8) says that lowering cholesterol in otherwise healthy adults should not be done and he calls for cholesterol treatment guidelines to be revised.

In a paper that needed to be translated in World Review Nutrition Dietetics, Dr. Harumi Okuyam of Nagoya City University in Japan, states that higher total cholesterol levels are closely correlated with lower cancer and all-cause mortality rates (9). He says that Western countries have accepted the cholesterol theory of heart disease and the use of statin drugs, “little benefit seems to result from efforts to limit dietary cholesterol intake or to total cholesterol values to less than approximately 260 mg/decliter.” He sends a warning that the direction of medical practice needs to move away from cholesterol-controlling medications.

I continue to find even more negatives to statin drugs. There are also questions regarding the negative effects of cell-mediated immunity from statins. This may be causing negative clinical cancer outcomes (10). Yet another study (11), this one is a double blind randomized controlled trial, using 102 patients with calcific aortic stenosis and coronary artery calcifications. The researchers found that calcium plaque formation continues to accumulate even with aggressive interventions to reduce cholesterol (using atorvastatin 80 mg daily). So obviously it’s not the excess cholesterol that is causing the real problem, it could be the high inflammatory state of the body, the immune system not functioning properly, the body over calcified and toxic from a toxic lifestyle! I’d say magnesium would play a much better role than any statin drug ever could.

It seems to be common theory to assume that higher levels of HDL and lower levels of LDL are cardioprotective and the goal for most doctors (including many naturopaths) is to toy with these ratios. Well consider this single-blind, placebo-controlled study (12) using the new drug torcetrapib, a drug that raises HDL cholesterol and lowers LDL. In the study, torcetrabip (a cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) inhibitor) increased HDL levels by 46%, and when combined with a statin drug they increased to 61%. Therefore in a dual-day treatment protocol HDL cholesterol is raised by a 106%! LDL amounts were reduced by 17%. It was all ready to be released into the market, there were already articles written and published on how wonderful this drug is, when the manufacturer reported more death and strokes among users than placebos! Oops, people were dying from high HDL and low LDL! I think it is time to take a step back and rethink the theories and pay attention to the vested interests of those parties supporting certain medical theories and ‘corrective’ drugs. Perhaps the lower ‘bad’ cholesterol and increased ‘good’ cholesterol is a symptom of the correction on a deeper level, and changing these ratios with drugs doesn’t do the trick because it’s changing a superficial sign. Perhaps why vitamin C, magnesium and CoQ10 work is because they are regulating many processes and not merely changing a ratio.


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Modern medicine has never been able to explain why some 45-60 percent of patients with hospital admissions for a heart attack have a “normal level” of cholesterol. [Atherosclerosis 149: 181-90, 2000; Medical Hypotheses 59: 751-56, 2002]

In a study of adults over age 55 years, coronary artery calcifications were ranked by the Agatston scoring method. Blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking and blood sugar, all common risk factors for cardiovascular disease were measured over a 7 year period along with the calcium artery scores. Disturbingly, 29% of the men and 15% of the women who had no cardiovascular symptoms and exhibited no other common risk factors (elevated cholesterol, hypertension, etc.), had extensive coronary artery calcification. [European Heart Journal 25: 48-55, 2004]

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Over 5,000 Latin American banana plantation workers are suing U.S. companies for poisoning them with pesticides that caused them to go sterile. The complainants, all of whom worked on banana farms, accuse Dole, Dow and Amvac of negligence and fraudulent concealment while forcing workers to use the pesticide DBCP. According to the lawsuit, the transnational companies "actively suppressed information about DBCP's reproductive toxicity." This is the first time any case for a banana worker has come before a U.S. court.

Learn more:

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Letter to Michael Moore

Hi Michael,

I support and appreciate your work, sorry about you being American and all, that's gotta be a bummer.

Anyway, here in Canada I am studying to be a Naturopathic Doctor and starting to build my healing retreat clinic which will be totally off-grid and completely sustainable. Natural medicine is able to heal major diseases with herbs, vibrational medicine (such as homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, etc) and hydrotherapy (using water in varying temperatures) and many other natural therapies that have been time tested. The bigger lie is to believe that we need industrialized medicine at all. We don't. In fact this medicine is merely suppressive and shows how backward and lost our true understanding of health is and our grasp of the human body and its multiple layers. It shocks me when we have this ancient medical knowledge which is wise and true and effective and sustainable, yet people turn to this dangerous, experimental, violent, traumatic, wasteful and barbaric 100 or so year old form of treatment that mainly doesn't work! Further, I am amazed how stubborn people have been to accept the understanding that we are vibrational beings and we have an energy system which is WELL documented and studied which includes chakras and auric levels...our subtler bodies! This has been known for thousands of years!!! To smother the symptoms of a disease with drugs is NOT health, it akin to taping over the low-oil light that turns on at the dashboard and driving on as if nothing is the matter. We don't want to allow people freer, cheaper access to drugs, we want them OFF drugs and onto a true path of healing, such as natural medicine allows. The issue is a combination of power and control over us, exhaustion and laziness from being brainwashed and made busy trying to survive by suppressive governments and the central banking families that really run the show, leading further to ignorance and a disconnection and separation from an understand of our true interconnectedness and oneness.

The American people often impress me with their passion and ways of pulling together in crisis, however there is so much brainwashing and poisoning and fear feeding the notion of separation that even with such a depth as you discuss in your film "Sicko" this only skims the surface of it. WHEN is someone going to stand up and talk about this? Michael Moore! I challenge you to make a film about REAL medicine...the future of medicine. The way we will REALLY heal the world and solve problems and find the peace we seek. If you want help, I will help you, I will find others to help you, it's time people knew about their choices!!! They do have them once they get a chance to lift their heads from the dark clouds of lies and illusion and realize that not only has science moved far forward, but the game of party politics is over, the game is fixed, it's rigged, and our collective awareness is the only ONE who can end it. Please Michael Moore, use your fame and voice to really lay it on the line. We need you! There are ways to make sure you are protected so you are not "offed" & they can be easily taught. And maybe that weight loss you want? We can help you with that too...

With honestly, integrity and Truth eyes,
Amandha Dawn Vollmer BSc., ND intern
Toronto, Ontario, Canada