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Friday, May 29, 2009


Great Central Sun Naturopathic Healing Arts is inviting all members of the public and media to the LIVE H2O weekend water healing event at their center in King Township, and at the Ashbridges Bay, Toronto Beaches.

Join with master musicians, vocalists, science experts and millions around the world in a historic summer solstice celebration from Fri. June 19 - Sun. June 21 to honour the living water and pray for world peace, health, ecological responsibility, and spiritual integrity.

When: Friday, June 19, 7-11pm at Great Central Sun Naturopathic Healing Arts

Saturday, June 20, 11am-11pm at Great Central Sun Naturopathic Healing Arts

Sunday June 21, 1-10pm at Ashbridges Bay, Toronto Beaches

Where: Friday & Saturday at Great Central Sun Naturopathic Healing Arts

225 King Summit Road, King City, ON, L7B 1A3 (just north of King Rd & Jane St)

Sunday at Ashbridges Bay, Toronto Beaches

Schedule of events:


7-8pm Opening Celebration

8-11pm Musical Performances on our rooftop stage


11am-1pm David Francis talk: Energy Worlds -Relationships Between H2O & Energy-

1-6pm Musical Performances on our rooftop stage - PLUS Oil & Water Chakra Sharing, Art Co-Creations, Atlantean Healing, Yoga, Labyrinth, Swim

2-4pm Live H2O Mandala Making

4-6pm Floating Drum Circle, Pool Play

6-8pm David Francis talk: Holy Water -How Energies are Held by Water-

Bree Leggett talk: Dr. Emoto -Liquid Love, the Intentional Messenger-

8-11pm Musical Performances continue - PLUS Collective Conscious Celebration, Fire Fun


1-6pm Beach Playshops: Dance & sand sculpt, Yoga, Meditation, Water Within

6pm Drum Fun, Ceremonial Drumming

8pm Invitation, prelude to live h2o global prayerful love chant

9pm Collectively, Locally & Globally Healing the Water in the World

Prayerful chant ‘ah’ in 528 frequency, global love water experiment


An unprecedented global “Concert for the Living Water” to give thanks and express LOVE for H2O has been scheduled by a coalition of humanitarian and spiritual organizations for June 19-21st. The 3-day event features experts, artisans, and recording artists honouring water for its sustaining, supporting, healing and purifying presence.

Celebrities, authors, film-makers, recording artists, spiritual teachers, religious leaders, and regular people from all cultures will grace nine main stages internationally at venues adjacent to important bodies of water. Toronto is one of the international venues and will be linked via the internet with a worldwide participating audience. Friday and Saturday’s events are hosted at Great Central Sun Naturopathic Healing Arts in King Township; Sunday’s events are at the Ashbridges Bay, Toronto Beaches. (For detailed events schedules please visit

LIVE H2O is planned to test the omni-spiritual power of human hearts focused on LOVE and thanks for everything water provides. This is testing the power of human hearts to co-create a better world by marrying the “universal solvent” and the “universal language” – music, to activate the “universal healer” – LOVE. Lasting peace, world health, and widespread prosperity are intended outcomes.

Featured speakers and performers are more than idealists – many are leading scientists, philosophers, and experts in solving humanity’s greatest problems using water. Examples include pollution-free hydrogen-fueled engines that operate hydroelectrically; hydrosonically-treated trace mineral waters featuring oxy-silver molecules proven to restore health and eliminating infectious diseases in people worldwide; and new methods of harvesting water from air to hydrate the world’s parched populations and plantations.

“Water reflects more than light,” says Japanese water scholar, Dr. Masaru Emoto, co-creator of the Global LIVE H2O festival and author of the New York Times best-seller, The Hidden Messages in Water. Dr. Emoto published evidence linking music and language to water’s dynamic capacity to alter its molecular structure in response to sonic energy including prayer.

Great Central Sun Naturopathic Healing Arts

Our pristine woodland facility offers access to Naturopathic Doctors, Yoga Classes, Thai Yoga Massage, spiritual counseling, water healing, energy healing, and an indoor fresh-water pool.

Amandha Vollmer, ND, Danielle Seville, Counselor; and Bree Leggett, Water Healer are the core team at GCS. Rosita Stone is musical director for the festival, and Darinka Blagaj coordinates Sunday’s Ashbridges events in conjunction with her annual Aleila Festival.

For more information, contact Danielle Seville, Marketing & Press Relations 905-833-3440 or

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Juliette de Levy Bairacli went home

Juliette de Levy Bairacli went home

She past away at the 28. of May 2009 peaceful without pains.

We don't organize an official announced funeral,
we plan to bring the ash back to Kythera.

In Loving Memory,
Luz, Gunter and Adaya

Juliette with gypsy friends
Juliette with gypsy friend

read stories by Luz Lancha de Bairacli Levy

read excerpts from Juliette's writings
Spanish Mountain Life
A Gypsy in New York

About Juliette

Juliette de Bairacli Levy is a world renowned herbalist, author, breeder of Afghan hounds, friend of the Gypsies, traveller in search of herbal wisdom, and the pioneer of holistic veterinary medicine. Juliette has a long record of spectacular cures to her credit and the books she has written have been a vital inspiration for the present day herbal renaissance.

Juliette was born on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11 month, almost in 1911 (actually 1912) in Manchester, England. Her parents were Jewish - her mother from Egypt and her father from Turkey. Juliette was raised in a household with three sisters and two brothers, a nanny, chauffeur, maid and gardener. She was educated at Lowther College, one of the best girls schools in Britain, and went on to study veterinary medicine at the Universities of Manchester and Liverpool. However, Juliette did not approve of the vivisection and animal experimentation that was going on in the universities in the name of science and health. So she left university after two years and went to study with the Gypsies and peasants of the world. In the late 1930's Juliette ran a distemper clinic in London where, at a time when many dogs were dying from this disease, she treated and cured hundreds of dogs with fasting, herbs and a natural diet. When many Afghan hound puppies were dying of distemper, Juliette raised a litter of puppies on her natural rearing methods and these puppies won Best of Show at Crufts Dog Show.

It was in the 1930's that Juliette developed a line of herbal supplements for animals known as Natural Rearing Products. For the next 50 years these were the only products of their kind on the market. Today these supplements are still distributed world wide.

During the World War II Juliette worked in the Women's Land Army gathering sphagnum moss which was used on soldiers' wounds. After the war she went to Yorkshire where she cured thousands of sheep who had been declared incurable by conventional vets. This work brought her to the attention of Sir Albert Howard, founder of the Soil Association and creator of modern day "organic" farming methods. Sir Albert Howard encouraged Juliette to learn all she could about herbal treatments for animals.

In the 1940's, while travelling in America, Spain, France, North Africa and Turkey, Juliette gathered herbal remedies from the nomadic and peasant peoples of these lands. When her Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable was published in 1951, it was the first veterinary herbal ever to be published as before this time, the art of farriers, gypsies and peasants had been passed on only by the spoken word.

Thus Juliette became THE pioneer of what is known today as holistic animal care. She went on to write The Complete Herbal Book for the Dog. Both these books together with Juliette's Illustrated Herbal Handbook for Everyone and Natural Rearing of Children have become classics and many generations of humans & animals have been raised & healed on these books.

Faber and Faber, one of Juliette's publishers, say that for the past 50 years they have always received more inquiries about Juliette than about any of their other authors who include T.S. Eliot, Ted Hughes and William Golding.

Juliette's two children, Luz and Rafik, were born in the early 1950's. She took her children to live in Israel where they raised owls, hawks, dogs, goats, donkeys and bees. Juliette became famous for saving her hives of bees from shell attack during the six day war. In Israel and later when she moved to Greece, Juliette continued to write, to raise Afghan hounds, to garden and to gather herbal remedies. As well as her herbal books, she has written several travel books, two novels and three books of poems.

For the past many years Juliette has been coming to America every summer to give lectures, workshops and seminars on herbal medicine. In America she has become recognized as the grandmother of today's herbal renaissance. In 1998 at their HerbFest in Iowa, Frontier Herbs presented Juliette with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her contribution to the herb world.

send love letter and words in memory to

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Dr. Abram Hoffer In Memoriam

Abram Hoffer


written by John Hoffer, MD, PhD

Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD. Died in Victoria on May 27, 2009 after a brief illness.

Born November 11, 1917 on a farm in Hoffer, Saskatchewan, Abram Hoffer attended a one-room schoolhouse and studied on horseback, eventually graduating from the University of Saskatchewan (BSA, MSA), the University of Minnesota (PhD) and the University of Toronto (MD). He specialized in psychiatry and was, for many years, director of psychiatric research for the Saskatchewan Department of Public Health and associate professor of medicine at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon. In these capacities he carried out groundbreaking research in several areas, ultimately authoring more than 500 peer-reviewed and popular articles and more than 30 academic monographs and popular books.

He challenged the then-dominant view of schizophrenia as a psychological disorder caused by poor mothering, and contributed importantly to the formation of the field of neuropsychopharmacology. He co-authored research on the genetics of schizophrenia with the renowned geneticist, Ernst Mayer. He co-discovered the first effective lipid-lowering agent, the B vitamin niacin. He developed a controversial treatment for acute schizophrenia based on the principles of respect, shelter, sound nutrition, appropriate medication and the administration of large doses of certain water-soluble vitamins, in the process carrying out among the first controlled clinical trials in psychiatry. He advanced a plausible biochemical hypothesis to explain the cause of schizophrenia and how niacin and vitamin C could eliminate its symptoms and prevent relapses. Intrigued by the concept of metabolic "models of madness," he and his research colleagues, notably his close collaborator Humphry Osmond, studied the properties of the hallucinogens and pioneered the use of LSD, which in conjunction with skilled compassionate psychotherapy, was found to be an effective treatment for alcoholism. His work with alcoholism led to a close friendship with Bill W., the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. He organized a self-help organization for people with schizophrenia, Schizophrenics Anonymous. Participants at SA meetings occasionally exchanged the friendly greeting, "Salutations and hallucinations!" His colleague and friend, the American chemist Linus Pauling, championed the biochemical model for treating schizophrenia that was developed in Saskatchewan and provided a conceptual underpinning for the notion that large doses of certain naturally occurring substances can favorably alter disordered brain biochemistry, coining the term "orthomolecular psychiatry."

Abram Hoffer moved to Victoria in 1976 where he practiced psychiatry for many years, becoming a founding member and president of the Senior Physicians Association of British Columbia. Sometimes criticized from afar for his controversial views, he was beloved by his many patients and close colleagues. He devoted his life to the goal of curing - not palliating - schizophrenia. His son Bill died in 1998 and his wife Rose died in 2001. He is survived by his daughter, Miriam (and her husband Guy Ewing), by his son John (and his wife Yehudit Silverman), and by four grandchildren: Adam, Megan, Joshua and Rebecca. At his request, the funeral will be private. We are immensely grateful to the nurses and physicians on West 2 of the Royal Jubilee Hospital. We are indebted to Dr. James Spence for his thoughtful and compassionate attention. Donations can be sent to the International Schizophrenia Foundation, founded by Abram Hoffer.

International Schizophrenia Foundation
16 Florence Avenue
Toronto, ON M2N 1E9 Canada
Tel: 416 733 2117

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